F.A.Q. -Frequently asked questions


1.) Do I need building permit?

That depends on your local council. That best thing to do is asking them first. In most cases the garage/building has to be below 50 cubic meter of air if you want to do it without permit. Some councils decides the aspects according to the ridge height.

We can provide type plan and statical calculations to all standard types.

If the building is individual sized, the plan and the calculation has to be done. We will consult you about this in person.

We have NÜJ number in case we need to take part in the e-building log.

2.) How big is the concrete foundation that I need for my garage?

According to the size of the garage we alway recommend to make the concrete 5 cm bigger on each side. It means if you order a garage that is 3 m x5 m, you need a 3,1 x 5,1 m concrete. It is always important to make a precise concrete foundation, but take extra care when you order bottom sheet cover as well!

3.) Does you company do concrete foundation as well?

No, unfortunately we are not dealing with it.

4.) How long does it take to build a mobile garage?

It depends on the type of the garage. Solo garages can take a couple of hours, double garages can be done in 1 day. Our isolated buildings can be ready in two days.

5.) How long does it take the get my garage after I ordered it?

Depending on the type the delivery is expected in 4-6 weeks.

6.) How much is the delivery?

Our prices already include nationwide delivery and assemble. You do not have to pay anything extra.

7.) What do B1, B2, B3 and SZ1, Sz2, Sz3 mean?

Garage that start with B mean Up and Over door and SZ mean sectional.
1,2,3 means the difference in heights because these garages are available in 3 different sizes.