Extras that you can order

Side door covered with metal sheet
(white or coloured)

Hörmann ZK side door
Isolated door
Hörmann "M" side door
24.000 Ft
56.000 Ft
125.000 Ft
150.000 Ft


Bottom cover sheet

Anticondenzation cover
Window (90x90)
Concrete paint
For solo garages:
28.000 Ft
For double garages: 38.000 Ft
585 Ft / m2
Fix: 26.000 Ft
Tilt&Turn: 52.000 Ft
(both include all the equipment needed)
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Monterrey roof and additional battens

Electric gate opener
Galvanized rain gutter
Alarm system
For solo garage: 61.000 Ft
For double garage: 98.000 Ft

Hörmann Ecolift:
75.000 Ft
Hörmann Promatic: 91.000 Ft
Hörmann Supramatic:
109.000 Ft

32.000 Ft
31.750 Ft


Hörmann Bisecur remote control
Separating wall (depending on the size of the garage)
15.240 Ft
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